Sales Support

sales assistance for hire by the hourSales and Marketing Professionals at American Executive Centers are able to spend more time being productive. They can use the services of one Administrative Assistant for 15 minutes or have 15 Administrative Assistants working for them at once. We are committed to your success and help you achieve it by providing the following services:

  • Conducting Internet & Market Research
  • Prospecting and Helping with Pre-Call Preparation
  • Telemarketing & Generating Leads
  • Handling Sales Inquiry Follow-Through
  • Managing your Calendar and Scheduling Appointments
  • Customizing & Maintaining Databases
  • Executing Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Sending Direct Mail and Mass Mailings
  • Coordinating Trade Shows, from Exhibit Design to Show Attendance to Lead Follow-Up
  • Creating or Enhancing Your PowerPoint Presentations – Printing & Binding Handouts
  • Developing and Sending Proposals and RFP’s