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Become more successful faster by utilizing our support and concentrating on your core competency. Raquel Spatzier Manager of Technology and Business Services

Become more successful faster by utilizing our support and concentrating on your core competency.
Raquel Spatzier, VP of Operations

American Executive Centers provides all of the support services you need to succeed.  No need to worry about hiring full-time personnel.  You’ll have our support staff on your team, complete with Bookkeepers, Receptionists, Graphic Artists, an IT department and more.

Each staff member has their own area of expertise. We all work together, so no job is too large and we bill in 15 minute blocks of time, so no job is too small.

We’re a phone call, an email, or with six beautiful Greater Philadelphia Locations, a short drive away, ready to help you. We’re reliable, competent and ready to learn about your business. We’ll take a proactive approach to help bring your business to the next level.

Utilizing our wide range of services will help you develop your business, find new prospects, service your clients and maintain your books. Our team of 15 Administrative Assistants is Microsoft trained and certified and provided with the latest equipment to give you the competitive edge in today’s demanding business environment.

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Business Support Benefits


Superior Services
  • Microsoft Office ® Certified Administrative Assistants
  • Flexibility – Our locations are all networked, allowing easy access to files and quick completion of large projects
  • “Never Say No” Attitude – Six Business Support departments guarantee we are always available for new projects
  • Quality – Each member of our team has their own area of expertise, allowing us to offer a wide range of services
  • We have a vested interest in helping your business succeed
Cost Savings
  • No employee overhead – Wage taxes, unemployment  insurance, health care benefits
  • No down-time experienced due to sick or vacation time
  • No agency fees
  • No additional computer equipment or software costs
  • No extra office space costs
  • Round-the-Clock-Support – Before 8:30 a.m., after 5:30 p.m., weekends and holidays.
  • Available for seasonal, periodic or overflow projects
  • Our staff is ready at a moment’s notice
  • 6 networked locations for guaranteed available assistance