What sets us apart

What sets us ahead of the competition is our vast array of Business Support Services.
We offer every service under the sun to keep your business running smoothly 24/7. Even better, our services are billed in 15-minute blocks of time, so you only pay for exactly what you need … and avoid the hassle of hiring expensive, full-time personnel.

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  • Your warm welcomes allow our potential clients to immediately feel as part of the family. In our business, this is invaluable. We pride ourselves on good first impressions and having your staff meet and greet our clients at the door insures that that impression goes off without a hitch.

    - Gene Volpe

  • American Executive Centers has been a tremendous help in starting my new business. They’ve delivered exactly what they promised. The staff is very helpful and allowed me to worry about my business while they take care of office related administration, all at a cost far less than running my own office.

    - Stuart Rudoler

  • The facility is clean and equipped with the latest technology. I love the fact that there is coffee brewing in the kitchen and an area to stop by and check email or do light work without having to incur the cost of using a private office or meeting room.

    - Ray Zaso

  • When we moved into our new office at American Executive Centers, we didn’t have to deal with the unknown.  When we needed an IT consultant, they had one available who immediately got to the heart of our problem.  It was like having all of the resources of a big company, with none of the downsides.

    - Robyn Axner-Davis, President, Furman Communications

  • Being with AEC provides me with all the benefits of a large law firm while still maintaining my own private practice.

    - Alan Ackerman, Esq.

Rent One Office, Use Six Locations

Choose the location that is most convenient for you and your clients,
and use all six business centers to maximize your productivity and image.

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