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American Executive Centers office space and virtual offices

American Executive Centers office space and virtual offices

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Greater Philadelphia Area Office Space

Workspace Options for Today's Workforce


by G. Michael Howard

G. Michael Howard, President

Today's changing and more nimble workforce has created demand for flexible and innovative office models.  The restrictions of a three year lease and full time support staff are not attractive to fast growing companies and entrepreneurs alike.  The Workspace as a service industry has been around for more than 30 years, but it has never been more relevant. To meet workforce demands the industry's most progressive providers are creating innovative offerings combining flexible lease terms, creative designs, new technology ,and on demand support teams. Workspace and executive suite operators are not only offering fully serviced private offices, but they are exploring new ways to deconstruct and re-package the traditional office to meet these changes in workforce demands.  If you are starting or growing your business there is always a solution that will meet your needs.

Computers Under Attack! Are You a Victim?


by Raquel Spatzier

Would you run up to a stranger on  the street and offer them your personal information saying, "It's all yours!" Of course not! That'd be ridiculous. The thing is, you might have already done that without even knowing.

G. Michael Howard, PresidentBy Special Invitation to Our Clients and Guests We Are Pleased to Bring You Complimentary Seminars and Workshops To Help You Grow Your Business and Become More Successful, Faster!

As part of our commitment to help you become more successful, faster, we hope you are taking advantage of the on-going complimentary seminars and workshops we are scheduling at our Centers. Not only do these seminars offer valuable and relevant tips and insight to help you run your business more efficiently to be more successful, but the presentations also offer the perfect opportunity for making new connections for potential business or forging alliances.

G. Michael Howard, President

Getting your business off the ground is tough enough, and then it's time to scale. This is not always an easy task for the small business person, as we tend to take on too much of the day-to-day operations of our business rather than focusing on our core competency. Sometimes it requires taking a step back and assessing your business to make sure you are focusing on the key activities which will move your business forward in a strategic way.

Tidy Friday


by Naomi Cook, Professional Organizer and owner of Open Doors, LLC

As the manager of an American Executive Centers suite, always having our offices ready for show or use by a client is a top priority!  Every detail is important and we strive to keep our offices looking their best at all times.  It's our business.  It's what we do!  However, the managers office of an executive suite can often times be the holding area for all the items that are not needed at the moment, like extra lamps, party supplies or other various items that no one wants, not to mention all the normal paperwork and files that occupy our desks.

At a recent networking event, I met Naomi Cook [photo] who is a professional organizer.  She stopped in for tour of our recently renovated suite and as I was showing off our beautiful new conference rooms and kitchen, we passed my office - not exactly show ready!  I asked Naomi for some professional tips and she was kind enough to share her recent blog on how to easily organize your office and keep it that way.

Enjoy Naomi's blog below!  Thanks Naomi for sharing your expert advice - happy organizing! --Sally Conchewski


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