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American Executive Centers office space and virtual offices

American Executive Centers office space and virtual offices

office space and virtual offices in Philadelphia area



Greater Philadelphia Area Office Space

Guidelines for Effective Mass Email Communication


by Raquel Spatzier

(Part 2) 

For those of you looking to become more active with an email marketing campaign, these additional key points should serve to be helpful for your email marketing efforts. Just like the tips offered in Part 1, these pointers will help you avoid the pitfalls related to the increased bombardment of these type of emails, which has caused many people to hit delete without reading!

G. Michael Howard, President

As many of you know, we recently relocated our Center City Executive Suite across the courtyard to 1515 Market Street, a Class A, 507,180 square foot office building. The new location is prominently located at the intersection of 15th and Market Streets in the heart of the Central Business District with spectacular views of Philadelphia City Hall and the soon to be complete Dilworth Plaza.

G. Michael Howard, President

One of the keys to long-term success for any business is employee retention. If a business can attract and retain talent, over time it will accumulate and build a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience and a team dedicated to the success of its clients.

5 Reasons to Use an Employee Incentive Program


by G. Michael Howard

Employee Incentive Programs offer one of the best ways to foster happy, motivated and productive employees who will aim to help you reach your company's goals. These programs also convey the message to employees that you value and appreciate their hard work, dedication and loyalty. Rewards can come in different forms based on what's best for the company: cash, gift cards, additional vacation days, or trips, to name a few. These 5 Reasons to Use an Employee Incentive Program specify the benefits of this practice.

Top 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make


by Brynne Tillman

Entrepreneurs often wind up working in the ‘now' without regarding what is necessary to maintain consistent progress. Establishing mistakes that have been known to hurt company image, organization and functionality will help start-up business owners to avoid them.

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Seven Greater Philadelphia Area Locations

Choose the Pennsylvania or New Jersey office location that fits your needs, or choose several offices to enhance your image.

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