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American Executive Centers office space and virtual offices

American Executive Centers office space and virtual offices

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Greater Philadelphia Area Office Space

7 Delicious Ideas for Your Lunch Diet


by G. Michael Howard

Mike Howard, President

For the third installment of the Entrepreneurs Working Healthier Series, I have pin-pointed some nutrient-rich options that are easy to pack for lunch. These serve as great alternatives to your typical sandwich and rank among my favorite food groupings to enjoy in the AEC Communal Kitchen. In this blog, all of the food pairings below are low in calories. Mixing and matching these foods could make you a very exciting and healthy lunch.

How Social Media is Leveling the Playing Field


by Brynne Tillman

Brynne TillmanIt used to be that only the big corporations with fat budgets had the corner on mass marketing campaigns. Whether they were buying billboards, radio time or even PR in magazines and TV interviews. Boy, have times changed. Although it does take some time and resources to get the message out, it doesn't take big bucks any more.

G. Michael Howard, President

Have you ever left after a long day in the office feeling achy and slow? Do you tend to get headaches that just won't go away? It might be time for a workplace makeover. Studies have shown the tools you use for long hours on a daily basis are affecting your health. Just as you would swap junk food out for healthy food, you could benefit from swapping certain pieces of office equipment out for something better designed for the human body. Try these 5 Office Upgrades to upgrade your health.

Mike Howard, President

For those of you thinking about launching your own business while keeping your full-time job, we hope the tips we posted a couple of weeks ago served to be helpful. Here are 5 more to consider...

Support Services for your Start-Up Business!


by Raquel Spatzier

With the start-up of 6 Million small businesses each year in the United States, we know it's important to have the support services your new business needs to get off the ground running. For those of you kicking the New Year off with a new business, we are here to help you. We've created the following business support service offerings for all your start-up needs...

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