Smart Retirement Planning Solutions for Small Business Owners

By Mark Blair, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU® Are you a sole practitioner with a legal, engineering, real estate, medical, investment management, marketing or other professional practice? Or do you work for a company and have a lucrative side business? Is your spouse your only employee? Are you generating income net of your operating expenses? If so, […]


Changing Office Locales Brings Financial Benefits

Changing Office Locales. Once a Difficult Decision, Now an Attractive Alternative with Financial Benefits for Businesses. Written by Les Altenberg Partner, A.L.T. Legal Professionals Marketing Group With the emergence of new technologies comes change. Changes in the way businesses are run, managed, marketed, and yes, even changes in the locales from which business is conducted. […]

Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Top 5 Reasons to Migrate Your Business to Office 365

If you’re still holding out and using outdated software for your business technology – storing data, contacts, email communication, preparing documents, etc., it’s time to make the transition to what could have a direct positive impact on your business productivity. You probably feel that what you have been operating with all these years is good […]

Medical Legal Support

Using Medical Legal Support to Optimize Your Case Outcomes

As part of our commitment to helping our clients become more successful faster, we are happy to introduce AdvancedRm, medical legal support experts, to our learning series at American Executive Centers. This session serves as a CLE credit (Continued Legal Education) class, for attending attorneys, and will be held on 11/16 at our center located at […]

Which Form of Business is Right for You?

What Form of Organization is Best for Your Business?

Did you know that sole proprietorship is the most popular form of business ownership? Did you know that no form of ownership shields you from personal liability for your malpractice or negligence? Insurance is available to manage this risk. Did you know that you are able to begin with one form and switch to another […]

LinkedIn for Financial Advisors

How Financial Professionals are Leveraging LinkedIn to Get Client Referrals

We all know that client referrals are one of the best ways to get new lead opportunities. When a happy client introduces us to a prospect  getting the first meeting is easy even if they already have a financial advisor. But, waiting for those client referrals can be painful. Even when we out right ask […]

Face to face meetings

Why Face-to-Face Meetings are More Successful than Emails and Phone Calls!

Sure email and text messaging have grown to be today’s most common form of communication in our personal and business lives, however for effective communication there is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting with your prospects, customers, vendors and investors. For quick communication and to confirm what has already been agreed upon, email and texting […]

Referral Social Media Network

How to Grow Referrals and Get More Business

At American Executive Centers we have been helping attorneys go solo and expand their firms throughout the Delaware Valley for more than 35 years. One common issue many sole practitioners and new partners have is how to find new clients. Referrals are the best source of new clients and how better to grow referrals than to […]

Massive Mistakes Sales Growth

3 Massive Mistakes that Crush Sales Growth

Written By:  Roel Hoekstra, Founder and Managing Partner of Akela Partners Consulting Group It is an almost universal truth that all small and mid-sized business owners who really want to see their company grow and flourish are frustrated by the options, opportunities and often contradictory advice they are bombarded with every day. As Founder and Managing […]

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