Planning for Life’s Transitions

By Mark Blair, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU® Plan While You Can, Don’t React After the Fact You’ve devoted your life to building your business and caring for your family. You’re the leader of both. As you enter your late 50’s and 60’s, it’s time to think about a graceful transition to the next phase of your […]


Is Your Website Working for You 24/7?

As a business owner or entrepreneur, leveraging your website for leads is essential for growing your client base and ultimately revenues. The most popular websites are run on WordPress, and when set up correctly can be a huge source of new business. Here are 5 things your website needs to contain in order to drive […]


How to Expand Your Network and Client Base Through American Executive Centers

By Robyn Axner-Davis, President and Owner of Furman Communications Relocating my small business from traditional office space to an executive suite at American Executive Centers, over a decade ago, was one of the best decisions I have made. I say this for many reasons – low overhead, flexible lease terms, a prestigious address and upscale […]

Google Apps for Business

7 Reasons Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Should Use Google Accounts

When we think of Google, we often think of searching, but it is so much more now. Google apps for business is an affordable digital solution, which offers a streamlined suite of online office programs, along with cloud storage and a collaboration platform that is accessible from anywhere you can get on the internet. It […]

Hiring Strategies

C Suite Tips – Your #1 Hiring Advantage

When hiring employees, it’s important to not only hire competent employees but those that will help you move your business forward. In a recent conversation with Brandon Steiger, President and The Big Idea Guy of Synergema we talked about hiring strategies.  Brandon has a unique approach that has resulted in a strong and talented group […]


Networking is Essential to Business Growth

Networking for Professionals and CEOs of small businesses is often the most important activity to generate business development opportunities. However, picking the right events, especially with the 1000s of opportunities in the Greater Philadelphia area, can be the biggest challenge. These are 5 tips I recommend to help you decide where to spend your time. […]

Delegate and outsource

5 Tasks Business Owners Need to Delegate

Surrendering control is something many business owners struggle with. However, in order to truly grow, taking things off of the owner’s plate is essential. Here is a list of 5 tasks that can easily be outsourced: Social media is an area that with a little upfront strategy and tactics can be very effective in amplifying […]

Communication Tools

5 Tools Virtual Teams Need to Use to Improve Internal Communication

If you have a remote team working from home offices a challenge you may face is a breakdown in communication. Here are 5 tools that can help improve communication with your virtual assistant, remote reps or home-based employees. Communication Tools Slack. This is a great instant message app for teams. You can categorize topics, add […]

Healthy Fats

Fat for Thought

For years, many people shied away from fat. There is research that actually supports the ideology that fat is BAD for the health of those consuming it. Think about it … low fat this or non-fat that. Our surroundings, our media, and our food options at the grocery store support this idea too! More recently, […]

Thank you for your support

Thank you for Helping Us Support Henry A. Davidsen’s 1,000 Suit Drive Challenge!

Corporate success is more than just providing a great service or product; it’s also about making a difference by giving back and helping others on their road to success. Over our 35-year history we have supported numerous charitable organizations and programs. It is very rewarding to work together with our employees and clients fostering a […]

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